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    The Sanstha has introduced ‘Influx high speed cell sorter’ where sexing of sperm can be done by effectiveness of the flow cytometric sexing process based on sorting sperm with differential DNA content as in ‘X’ &‘Y’ sperm. The object is to produce male calves as per MSP from the best cows, using superior dairy bull’s “Y” sperm in Bull Mother Farm. Large nos. of female calves can be maintained by progressive farmers in rural areas, but with some limitations. A good nos. of sexed embryos can be produced, using ‘Multiple Ovulation & Embryo Transfer’ and ‘In Vitro Fertilization’ resulting in production of large nos. of female calves which will ultimately boost milk production of the State.

    Sorting of semen is a very sophisticated procedure .It is based on the difference of DNA content of X & Y chromosome. Sorting of semen consists of a large nos. of parameters starting from standardization of machine, ending to the freezing of the sorted semen.

    As spermatozoa are living cells, so, viability of same (Live% & PTM %) after staining, sorting & freezing are very important factors & standardization is going on in F.S. lab, Haringhata.

    Freezing protocol of sorted semen also a key factor & standardization is still going on in this lab. Lastly, DNA extraction from the semen is one of the most difficult & sophisticated protocol & it needs utmost attention to get extracted DNA. So, purity checking of the sorted spermatozoa (X & Y) is done by amplifying the sorted DNA with the specific primer in PCR machine.





    "Shreyas", the 1st predetermined male calf born on 01.01.11 at 2.36 A.M. by sorted "Y" chromosome sperm

    In India, the first predetermined sexed male calf named Shreyas was born on 01.01.11 by using Sorted ‘Y’ chromosome bearing sperm.

    After  insemination with Seventy Eight (78) numbers of ‘Y’- bearing and Ninety One (91) numbers of  ‘X’- bearing Frozen Semen Straws i.e. total in Ninety (90) number of animals , out of which Twenty two (22) animals  inseminated by ‘Y’-bearing sperm and twenty eight (28) animals inseminated by ‘X’-bearing sperm were found  pregnant.

    As on 31.03.2015, Twenty One (21) female calves and Twenty (20) male calves born by using sorted ‘X’ chromosome bearing sperm and sorted ‘Y’ chromosome bearing sperm respectively and  Two (2) animals are found pregnant at Bull Mother Farm, Haringhata Farm.