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    To maintain  continuous animal resource development of our state for cattle either by breed up-gradation or crossbreeding through scheduled ‘Breeding Policy’, we are producing elite germ plasms, in a faster mode by “Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer” using high quality pedigreed male and female maintaining at our own farm for long time.


    A much more recruit development has been the introduction of embryo transplantation. Embryo Transfer is an artificial method of breeding whereby newly formed embryos prior to implantation are removed from a female (Donor) animal and transferred into the reproductive tract of another female(Surrogate) of the same species where they develop to term. Within 11 (Ten) years, R&D Wing of the PBGSBS located at Haringhata could successfully apply this technique to animal breeding in our State and a way is now open for exploitation of the genetic potential of the female as well as the male. Within the limited scope of Embryo Transfer Technology, it may offer a scope in our country to produce cattle and buffaloes with most desirable genetic characteristics to increase the total milk production. PBGSBS has envisaged to establish the necessary basic infrastructure facilities at FSBS to expand this programme and transfer the technology on a large scale to meet the requirements of farmers. It will make uninterrupted supply of Bulls and Bull Mothers to meet our state demand. In addition, our state will be independent for high yielding indigenous and exotic cattle breeds with proper environmental and nutritional adaption within a reasonable time frame.

    The Sanstha is also going to introduce a highly sophisticated technique ‘In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)’ at Haringhata.

    DHABALI’ (First E.T. cattle of Haringhata) with its Female calf ‘PURABI’
    E.T. calves at BMF, Haringhata



    1 Breed used Sahiwal & Gir Sahiwal & Gir
    2 First Flushing Done - 12/02/2006
    3 Maximum Embryo yield from Sahiwal        13 16
    4 Maximum Embryo yield from Gir 11 15
    5 Total no of Flushing        8 338
    6 Total no of Embryos yield         68 1150
    7 Total no of embryo transferred 32 528
    8 Total no. of pregnancy 12 140
    9 Total no of calves born 07 105
    10 Conception Rate 37.50% 26.52%
    11 Total no of embryo frozen 10 149